Randy Moss, the Seattle Seahawks, and Troublemakers

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Originally released 11/3/13 for the Rambling On Football Ramble.

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My boy...

My boy…

You know who I hate? The Seattle Seahawks.

Okay, so I don’t care about them so much that they illicit hate in me, but you know what I mean.

The two most annoying things about them are their coach Pete Carroll and their fans. The former is a loud, annoying whiner and the latter are arrogant and unrealistic. You built a stadium whose dimensions make you sound really loud, we’re happy for ya. Architecture (and that you are always yelling for no reason) doesn’t make you the best fans in the NFL. Your team might be one of the best in the league but they’re still under-performing this year. And Russell Wilson isn’t all that impressive either.

Then there’s Percy Harvin. How acrimoniously he left the Vikings has received too little press. He milked injuries, wasn’t a team player, and treated the Vikings organization poorly and disrespectfully. Yet he hardly gets any heat for it.

It doesn’t make any sense that he isn’t called out for his negative actions as much as a troublemaker like, say, Randy Moss was. Moss was a better player and his antics were always hilarious and super cool. He only received so much criticism because he was upfront about his bad attitude. He didn’t hide it and tell people what they wanted to hear. He was real. Harvin is not only a phony but he’s also a bigger jerk. Why he’s gone by essentially unscathed by Vikings fans and Minnesota media is beyond me.

It’s worth noting, to me at least, that I promised a friend that I’d write an article about this idea of mine for some time. This is probably the closest I’ll ever get to doing that. So sorry, Evelyn.

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