Sports Ramble, 9/28/12

In this issue…
Amid this Fallout Saturation Why I’m sick of hearing and talking about football.
In the News Tsuyoshi Nishioka says goodbye, R.A. Dickey improves his Cy Young resume, and the MLB playoff chase “heats up.”
Football Picks Despite being sick of writing about football I still have to give the people what they want…

Amid This Fallout Saturation
Only 5 months until pitchers and catchers report.

This guy would not agree with my analysis.

As the weeks season rolls on I’m more and more tempted to not have a football blog. Talk about an over-saturated market, man. I’m actually weary of football, at the moment at least. This week I even found it difficult to get myself to listen to the sports talk shows I steal all my takes from.

That football is so huge in Minnesota makes the entire new stadium debate seem so stupid now. It is intuitive that a fan base so large and so rabid generates a lot of money. That it interests so many people is not a small deal, except to people who don’t care about it and want to selfishly assume their dislike onto everyone else. As if what they do in their free time is any less superfluous.

The enormity of football makes it pretty tiresome though, too. There are many diehards who would strongly disagree with me but it’s just overkill – especially if you actively consume sports media. There is nothing like it in any other sport. The total domination of football doesn’t abate all season. The baseball postseason and opening of the NBA and NHL seasons are either shoved to the side or ignored completely.

What makes this even more ridiculous is that the sports media is even over-saturated with NFL coverage throughout the football off-season. Combines, OTAs, training camps, the draft…the media exploits each for as much coverage as they can get, most of it completely pointless. Yet it’s always important enough to interrupt the seasons of all the other lesser sports.

There is no remedy to this situation. As long as football is the biggest sport in America this over-the-top coverage won’t end anytime soon. I just hope I have the patience to continue writing about it as long as the thou-…hun-…few people who want to read my football takes exist.

In the News
So long, it’s been good to know ya In 2010 the Minnesota Twins spent a bunch of money for the rights to sign Japanese batting champion and Gold Glove infielder Tsuyoshi Nishioka. Things never worked out very well for poor T-Nish, as he simply wasn’t talented enough for the big leagues in America. He floundered at the plate and looked like a damn fool in the field. This week Nishioka announced that he is giving back the $3 million dollars the Twins owe him next year and heading back to Japan. That he was noble enough to do that is impressive. It also helps the Twins get out of an extreme jam, as they were on the books for over $8 million dollars for awful players that had little chance to make the team (they also owe hapless starting pitcher Nick Blackburn over $5 million dollars next season).

– Cy Young, anyone? This week my boy R.A. Dickey won his 20th game of the year. It’s the first time a Met has won 20 games in over 20 years and the first time a knuckleballer has done so since 1980. In the victory Dickey threw over 120 pitches through 7 2/3 innings, allowed only 3 runs, and struck out a career-tying best 13 batters. He now leads the National League in almost every pitching category and is second in the categories he’s not leading in. A Cy Young award would be the perfect way to cap off a career year for the eccentric knuckleballer.

– Baseball roundup In a perfect situation – and all this could happen – the Baltimore Orioles would beat the Yankees for the AL East title, the Oakland A’s would beat the Rangers for the AL West, the Chicago White Sox would beat the Tigers for the AL central, and the Angels and Rays would win the Wild Card . That way the A’s, the Orioles, and White Sox, all good guy underdogs, would avoid the stupid one-game Wild Card, and the Rangers and Yankees would not even make the playoffs. How crazy would that be? It probably won’t happen though. Either way that entire situation is intriguing, as eight strong teams are fighting for playoff spots to last games of the season. I’ll be sad if the Orioles and A’s don’t make it at least. The NL race is not nearly as interesting, as the Nationals, Reds, and Giants have each clinched their playoff spots and the Braves and Cardinals have a comfortable 3.5 game lead over the floundering Dodgers.

NFL Week 4 Preview

3 games

New Orleans at Green Bay It’s tough to say who this game is more important for. In order to stay relevant the Saints have to win this game. But if the Packers lose, again, at home even, their playoff hopes will diminish and a lot of people will jump off their bandwagon. As always I hope that the Saints lose. I’m pretty sure they will, too. The Packers are fired up after last Monday, they’re at Lambeau, and Rodgers is due to have a breakout game. Green Bay 31, New Orleans 20

Minnesota at Detroit This game is hard to predict. The Lions haven’t yet played to their potential and are coming off a demoralizing loss to the Tennessee Titans. The Vikings, however, are exceeding their potential and still riding high after their upset of the 49ers last Sunday. But which Vikings team will show up, the one that lost to the sad-looking Indianapolis Colts or the one that got everything right in their victory over San Fransisco? Last weeks win felt like a fluke, to be honest, so I’m going to go with the former. Lions 24, Vikings 10

San Francisco at NY Jets The only thing I like more than a Saints loss is a Jets loss. After last weeks embarrassing loss to the Vikings the 49ers will surely come prepared to New York. I suspect that Harbaugh isn’t stupid enough to waste any time “preparing” for the three snaps worthless Tim Tebow will take. San Francisco 27, Jets 20

The Rest

Carolina at Atlanta
New England at Buffalo
San Diego at Kansas City
Seattle at St. Louis
Tennessee at Houston
Cincinnati at Jacksonville
Miami at Arizona
Oakland at Denver
Washington at Tampa Bay
NY Giants at Philadelphia

Erik Ritland is a journalist and musician from St. Paul, Minnesota. His writings on culture, music (including his own projects), sports, religion, and many other topics are cataloged regularly at Ramblin’ On. You can reach him via email here.



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  2. […] 9/28/12 Sports Ramble In this weeks edition of the Sports Ramble I explain why I’m burned out with football […]


  3. […] 9/28/12 Sports Ramble In this weeks edition of the Sports Ramble I explain why I’m burned out with football […]


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